In our member’s words

The happiest group of depressed people you’ll ever meet!
DBSA is a safe place for people experiencing mental health illness or concerns to congregate and discuss the challenges or questions they have.
You are not alone!
I went to my first DBSA group today and loved it! The strength of the people that attend is so powerful. I am so inspired!
If you or someone you know is suffering from a mental illness, there are readily available and accessible ways to get help. Don’t think so? Google us.
 It helps to be involved in groups where people are living somewhat successfully outside of an in-patient setting with mental wellness issues.
Excellent meeting for anyone with a mood disorder.
DBSA is an amazing group to come and feel appreciated. In a world with so much stigma, here is love!
I am not alone, and my problems do not define me as much as I think they do. These people are one of the first to congratulate me on my accomplishments and comfort me in tough times.
This support group helped me open up to stuff I wouldn’t share with my family/friends. I am a different person than I was a year ago.
People who experience mental wellness issues are just like everyone else. Some days we struggle a lot, but we may not show it. So be kind!
I would like to thank DBSA for giving me the ability to communicate with my dad at a more basic level, saving my life, and making new friends.
Any suffering you may experience does not have to be alone. There are others who accept and support you through those times in life.
There is no one type of person that represents mental illness. It could be anyone from any job; making all amounts of money or no money. It’s all inclusive.
I am much more than my diagnosis.
Great support, honest and real.
It has been super helpful and encouraging for me. It helped me realize I was not alone in my struggles.
It helps me more than therapy does. It’s nice to see others that have similar situations to my own.
The people are really authentic and kind, and it offers an opportunity to increase natural supports in a really safe way.
DBSA has been so important and instrumental in my treatment, recovery from a suicide attempt, and a better understanding of my depression and anxiety.
The most creative and intellegent people have mood disorders.
We are your neighbors, just trying to find our way in the world.

For me, I am grateful for each of you and this group.  I look forward to seeing my friends each Thursday.  I look forward to hopefully saying something that just might help someone.  I look forward to hearing something that just might help me.  
I look forward to seeing each of you grow and get just that one step closer.  Being even the smallest part of your journey, or at least stand with you as you face your demons, gives my life purpose when sometimes, purpose is hard for me to see.  Every ounce of effort I put in, I feel is paid back by each of you 100 fold.  Thank you and know that I am grateful that I get to spend Thursday nights here with yo

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