Upcoming Events

We meet in person at Morningstar Lutheran Church every Thursday at 7pm. There is no pre registration needed to attend our meetings, just show up.

Our new meeting cancellation policy is at this link. Please give it a read and check this page for updates before you leave for the meeting every Thursday!

We are moving our first hour from the board room to the chapel near the front of the church. We have had such great attendance the past few weeks that, at least for now, we have outgrown the board room!

Our upcoming meeting topics…

6/1 Safety Plans

6/8 Managing Life’s Triggers

6/15 Looking at PTSD from two different lenses

7/22 Friendship fund event -The Zoo

9/9 Friendship fund event – Game Afternoon

10/? Friendship fund event – Vala’s

Looking for a virtual meeting? DBSA national offers a variety of times and topics.

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