New Meeting Cancellation Policy

These days, nothing is normal. Change is everywhere and we need to react to those changes. Our old meeting cancellation policy was “if OPS cancels school, we cancel our meeting”. Well, that simply does not work today. OPS no longer has snow days and honestly, we are equally likely to cancel for other reasons right now. While we will do everything we can to maintain our in person meetings, things that we have no control over could suddenly change.

We will announce any meeting cancellation for any reason both on our Facebook page and on the “upcoming events” section of this web page. Every effort will be made to make the call whether we are live or virtual by 5pm on the meeting day. Should we need to cancel the in person meeting, we will meet via zoom. Same time, same topic, almost the same meeting. The zoom meeting id will be

So, make it a habit to check the “upcoming events” page on this website before you leave to come to the meeting on Thursday night!!

On evenings that we meet live, there is no zoom meeting. On evenings we meet via zoom, there is no live meeting.

As always, coming to a meeting is your decision whether in person or on line. If you feel that leaving your home is dangerous in any way (too icy, to many covid cases….) please stay home. You should never risk your physical health to come to a meeting.

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