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New Hope Corona Daily Checklist

As promised at Thursday’s on line meeting, here is the download link to the daily checklist we talked about. If you wish to keep track, this is a seven day checklist. Remember, you are only competing with yourself! Try each…

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Personal Growth in the time of Quarantine

The last several weeks have dramatically affected most of our personal schedules and activities. Many of us find that we have more time on our hands as we have fewer options of things to do. Simple things that we took…

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

So here we are. Day before our meeting. Our regular meeting place is closed. Everyone from the World Health Organization to the City of Omaha has encouraged gatherings to be less than 10 people. Clearly the message is to stay…

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DBSA national offers new online support groups

In this time of uncertainty, we can all feel a bit frightened and alone. As more and more of our favorite events are called off and we are told to avoid social gatherings, perhaps the answer can be partially found…

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Recap: Solution-focused Therapy

Dr. Dave Carver visited the group on Sept. 19 to share details about solution-focused therapy, also know as positive psychology. Dr. Carver also provided some examples of how individuals can use this strengths-based method to address everyday stressors and problems….

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How to Practice Self Acceptance

Learning to love yourself amid a sea of critical media messages and other societal pressures can be difficult. Starting the journey of self acceptance now will benefit you immediately and help brighten your future. Celebrate strengths instead of focusing on…

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