The Importance of Self-Care – 6/17 meeting

    With 16 people in attendance, tonight’s DBSA meeting got off to a great start with a special announcement.  At tonight’s meeting our mandatory mask mandate was lifted, as our meeting location no longer requires that you wear a mask. How nice it was to see everyone’s real smiling faces once again!  Please also note if you are more comfortable wearing a mask at our meetings, please feel free to do so.
        After short introductions took place, facilitator Steve presented a topic this evening   on “ The Importance of Self-Care” .  This topic was a great reminder of the many areas of our daily lives where self-care plays an important part.
    Please be sure to join us for this week’s DBSA meeting on Thursday June 24th, at 7pm. Thursday’s topic will be “ Will the Real You Please Step Forward Part II. “

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