Living in the Past – 7/8 meeting

Tonight’s topic was “living in the past”. With 14 people in attendance, facilitator Don talked about the consequences of living in the past and why, for most of us, it is harmful. We started writing a letter to our former selves about a bad time in our lives. Don used the story of a time when his work life fell apart and how he came to terms with the aftermath. We also took a look at who we are today versus who we were in the past. Noting that we change who we are over time led to the possibility that the bad decisions that we have made throughout our lives might not have actually been bad at the time for the person we were at that time. Please be sure to join us on Thursday July 15th for our weekly DBSA meeting at 7pm. The topic this week will be “ Will the Real You Please Step Forward, Part III”. 

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