Gender Literacy Crash Course – 8/19 meeting

Our recent DBSA meeting on August 19th was inspiring, with facilitator Renee presenting her topic for the evening “ Gender Literacy Crash Course”.

After brief introductions were made from attendees around the room, facilitator Renee started her discussion by helping us become more familiar with gender neutral, and gender inclusive pronouns.  Renee discussed the importance of respecting others and asking them which pronouns they might prefer to use, rather than disrespecting someone with the wrong pronouns.     Renee also briefly discussed the importance of inclusive housing and the lack of gender-inclusive restrooms in many businesses throughout the country. This topic was very helpful and informative, and Renee did suggest that there may be more Gender Literacy discussions at future meetings.     Be sure and join us next Thursday August 26th at 7pm, when facilitator Becki will be presenting the topic “ Distress Tolerance “ 

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