Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, Part I – 9/2 meeting

Our most recent DBSA meeting was quite fascinating, with Miriam presenting our topic of the evening “ Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, part I “

After brief introductions were made by our rather substantial gathering, Miriam went on to describe many things that Mentally strong people don’t do. Included among the list, Mentally strong people don’t resist change, and they don’t worry about pleasing others.  They are not afraid to take risks, and also don’t procrastinate. They don’t resent other people’s successes, and most importantly they don’t fear alone time.

One of the most important thoughts I took away from the discussion, is mentally strong people don’t give away their power.  Some ways you may give away your power, are by avoiding confrontation, holding grudges, or even letting others determine your self worth. It’s important not to become a victim of your own circumstances.     

In order to take your power back, you need to identify who is taking your power, and ask yourself is there any validity to their complaints?  If there is, ask yourself if you want to change your behavior?  One of the most important benefits of taking back your power is that it will reduce your anxiety and depression!  Couldn’t ask for anything better! 

Miriam will be presenting a Part II on this topic sometime soon.  I can’t wait to learn even more about things mentally strong people don’t do! Please be sure to join us next Thursday September 9th, when Don will be presenting the evening’s topic:  “ Managing Change “ 

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