The Masks We Wear – 10/21 meeting

Our most recent DBSA meeting started out with a most contemplative presentation, made by our facilitator Don.  Entitled “ The Masks that we Wear”, a most appropriate topic for the upcoming Halloween season. We learned from Don that one of the origins of Halloween is an ancient Celtic holiday, which began with the wearing of masks as protection from evil spirits.     

The more conventional definition of a mask is : a covering used to protect ourselves, but we also explored the mask as a false front.

There are different types of masks we wear:

1) an identity mask may be used to hide who you really are.

2) an emotional mask to hide what you are feeling

3) a situational mask to help you fit into a given situation.

There are commonalities between these masks.  All are good in small doses, but overdoing them can lead to unintended consequences. They all have a function, and can help protect you against ill natured people. Also wearing a mask can be a way of setting boundaries. 

There are practical reasons to shed a mask. By shedding your mask, you may live more to your potential. It may be a relief to shed a mask. To fully heal, one must shed the mask you are wearing. When you are wearing a mask, we aren’t always being your authentic self.

Be sure and join us on Thursday October 28th, when facilitator Becki will be presenting the topic “Fear” 

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