Cooling Off – 12/2 meeting

On Thursday December 2nd, our DBSA meeting began with facilitator Becki giving us a presentation entitled;  “ Cooling Off “. 
Becki started out by discussing how the colder temps of the upcoming Winter season can influence our bodies, possibly slowing us down and even sometimes making us sadder. However, we can utilize cold temperatures to change how we think and feel.

According to Becki there are benefits of cold, or as she presented to us as the acronym BOC, which stands for “ Benefits of Cold.”. The cold weather temps can actually help you think more clearly.  There are also sleep benefits of the cold temps, as a healthy recommended sleeping temp is 60-67 degrees. The cold can also increase our metabolism in the Winter.

During Winter you can also gain a new appreciation of nature, by taking a walk on a cold Winter night, which is one of the best times to see the stars.

Becki also advised that inflammation in our body can cause physical and mental health conditions to worsen, and inflammation can sometimes be linked to depression. But she advised we can embrace the chilly Wintertime , as the cold temps will help to help release that inflammation. And Becki advised with better sleep, appetite and cognition the cold months can be very good for our bodies.

According to Becki, gratitude is the right attitude in every season!

Please join us next Thursday for our topic “ Feeling all the Feels “ 

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