Mindfulness – 3/31 meeting

On Thursday March 31st, Becki gave us her presentation entitled “ Mindfulness “

Becki’s presentation on Mindfulness was very informative, and explained to us that when it comes to mindfulness, there are three states of mind;

1) Emotion mind- is where you make snap decisions, and tend to have lots of judgment of others 

2) Reason mind- Uses facts, acceptance and observations 

3) Wise mind- Is a balance of Emotion and Reason mind.

Becki advised neither emotion mind or reason mind are sustainable, and it’s better to have a balance of both with Wise mind. 

She advised that awareness is the first step to becoming more non-judgemental. That trust begins with having basic trust in yourself, and you should honor your feelings, and take responsibility for your own well being. In life there is no goal, but to just be yourself. When it comes to mindfulness, we need to use acceptance and acknowledge things as they truly are. We all have to learn to let go of the negativity, and just notice, observe and cling to nothing, and decide what comes in and what goes out. 

     Becki advised when it comes to mindfulness, it’s important to practice being grateful, and pay attention to the small moments. Don’t take life for granted, and learn to notice your environment more. Try to be still and completely open to your field of awareness, and learn to stay centered! 

She also advised mindfulness is a way for someone to gain awareness of their feelings, so that you can help make more informed choices. Becki encouraged us to develop mindfulness to use as a tool in our own tool box of coping skills. She advised we should use it as a tool to slow down and center ourselves. 

Also when it comes to mindfulness, there is what’s known as a Beginner’s Mind, where you should train your mind to be willing to see anything, and maybe next time you are talking to a family member, take time to listen to their voice, and take each experience with them as unique. Practicing Mindfulness will allow us to be mindful in nature and play everyday. Learn to not take everything so seriously, and pause and respond to nature. Most of all. how we center ourselves will bring us wisdom and peace. 

Make sure and join us next Thursday at 7pm, when facilitator Amber will be presenting “ Somatics with Breath” 

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