100 Things – 8/18 meeting

Last Thursday we were treated to Kirk’s most recent presentation with us entitled “ 100 Things “ 

Our friend Kirk shared that normally around this time of year, he tries to make New Year’s resolutions, but he doesn’t necessarily stick with those resolutions.

But Kirk did share with us several things that do help him to improve his life.

1) Exercise!  He suggested with exercise to keep it realistic, and to start out by picking one day a week to choose to exercise.  Kirk shared that in seven months time he has lost 15 pounds! Awesome work Kirk! 

2) Buy a plant, or plant something that you have to care for. In addition, planting something may possibly help you with your depression during the Winter time. 

3) The cell phone…something that we all can’t seem to live without.

Kirk suggested when texting a friend, try sending them a “ voice note” rather than a text message. That way it’s not so impersonal. Or trying to actually pick up the phone and make a phone call to that friend, wouldn’t that be a surprise! 

4) Are you feeling a little sluggish at work?  Kirk suggested trying to use the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro technique is a time management tool created by Francesco Cirillo.  With this technique you use a timer to break work into 25 minute intervals, with a five minute break in between. This method may actually help with ADHD.

5) Make a daily list , or ADL’s. ( activities of daily living) Kirk shared that he tried this for awhile, and it seemed to help. With this idea, you make a daily list of tasks you need to accomplish, and scratch the items off as they are completed.

6) Be nice to rude people!  If you encounter a rude person, try and change the narrative. This may actually turn around the situation. This may prove challenging, but give it a try!

7) Try cooking something…or try and cook something new you’ve never cooked before. 

8) Nap time..Kirk shared as an adult he has learned to appreciate the time spent taking a nap.

9) Set aside an hour a day to do something you truly enjoy!

10) Try and make a friend from a different generation. 

11) Go out and connect with nature, maybe try taking a walk.

These are all amazing ideas that were shared by Kirk with everyone.  

Amazing presentation Kirk! 

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