Family Education class starting on May 12th

Dr. Jai Sookram the Director of Family Education and Peer Support Services reached out to me to let me know that he has a new Family Education class starting on May 12th. This class is offered for families of people living with mental illness. It’s a tremendous class that educates families on major mental illness, how to support their loved ones, current medication, communication skills, and crisis/relapse prevention.

It’s an 8 week free course that meets in person one night a week and I know the families I have worked with in the past who have taken it have gotten a lot out of it. I think – like us – being in a room of people that can understand what we are experiencing and learn together is a really valuable thing.

If you know of any families that are interested or have any family members in your small group who could be interested – Dr. Jai can be contacted at or 402-341-5128.

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