Isolation – 5/18 meeting

On Thursday May 18th, Miriam shared with us her presentation entitled 

“ Isolation “. 

So, what is the definition of isolation?  Isolation is having the effect of making one disengage. It can also be a coping mechanism.  It can also help increase your symptoms of low self esteem.  The longer you isolate, the harder it is to go back out into the world. 

     What are some of the reasons you may have been isolating to begin with?

Maybe you don’t feel understood? Or it could be your own self doubt. Stress or anxiety may be a factor.  Or you may experience a physical ailment. If you find yourself canceling activities frequently or if you have anxiety and you are feeling dread about social interaction, those are symptoms you may be isolating too much. 

     So, what are some ways to isolate less?

1) get moving, and get exercise 

2) identify the root cause of your isolation.  Remember, depression and anxiety lie to us.

3) acknowledge the harmful effects of isolation 

4) reach out to others, even with a text 

5) FaceTime with others, rather than just over the phone 

6) schedule a short outing 

7) learn something new

8) volunteering 

9) Make a list of reasons others would want to spend time with you.

10) Give yourself compliments 

11) Make a schedule and stick to it

12) Take up a sport 

13) Plan something to look forward to 

But most of all, it’s important to get out there. And believe in yourself! 

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