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Will the Real You Please Step Forward Part II – 6/24 meeting

 With threatening weather and rain surrounding the area, tonight’s DBSA meeting still managed to get off to a great start with a total of 11 people attending.
Short introductions took place, and attendees also took their turn at answering the ice breaker question of the evening, “ what is your favorite thing to do when it’s raining “ ?
    Facilitator Miriam presented this evening’s topic, “ Will the Real You Please Step Forward Part II “  Great lessons were taught by Miriam on how to stay true to your inner self.
Please be sure to join our friendly group for this week’s DBSA meeting on Thursday July 1st.  Thursday’s topic will be “ Maintaining a Positive Self-image “

The Importance of Self-Care – 6/17 meeting

    With 16 people in attendance, tonight’s DBSA meeting got off to a great start with a special announcement.  At tonight’s meeting our mandatory mask mandate was lifted, as our meeting location no longer requires that you wear a mask. How nice it was to see everyone’s real smiling faces once again!  Please also note if you are more comfortable wearing a mask at our meetings, please feel free to do so.
        After short introductions took place, facilitator Steve presented a topic this evening   on “ The Importance of Self-Care” .  This topic was a great reminder of the many areas of our daily lives where self-care plays an important part.
    Please be sure to join us for this week’s DBSA meeting on Thursday June 24th, at 7pm. Thursday’s topic will be “ Will the Real You Please Step Forward Part II. “

Meet our 2021-22 Board of Directors

Elections are over, and our new board has had their first meeting. Officers were elected.

Miriam – President

Renee – Vice President

Todd – Secretary

Deb – Treasurer

Becki – Outreach Coordinator

Don – Webmaster

Steve – Website Contributor

Kirk – member

Caroline – member

Looking forward to an exciting year!

2021 DBSA Board Elections

Yes, just when you thought you were not going to be asked to vote on anything for a while, it is time to elect a new Board of Directors for our Omaha Chapter of DBSA. We are currently in the initial phase of the election, where each person that decides they want to run for one of the nine seats on our board submits a short paragraph about who they are and why they want to serve on the board for the next year. This phase will be open until May 27th, so if you are interested, take the five minutes to write up something and email it to newhope.dbsa@gmail.com. As we receive each person’s short paragraph, it will be posted here. Voting will open May 1st and remain open until May 10th. There will be a link provided here for you to vote. On May 11th, we will post the names of your new board right here on our website. The first meeting of the new board will be Saturday May 19th, 10am, on Zoom.

Nominations are now closed.

Voting is now closed. Results will be announce at the June 17th meeting!!

And the nominees are…..

Todd: Hello, I am Todd.  My wife and I first became involved in DBSA in 2009 when a family member suffered from substance induced BiPolar, depression and anxiety.  We felt clueless and appreciated the support and information we received at DBSA.  Since then, as a way of “paying back” I have been involved in the Board in various roles, and would like to continue to provide my support out of gratitude and admiration for the resiliency of those who journey with mood disorders.

Deb: DBSA was exactly the group we needed many years ago when we had someone close to us diagnosed with a mood disorder. I have served as Treasurer for many years and would like to continue on the Board as a way of “giving back” to the organization. I have had the opportunity to meet many people that I admire and challenge us each day to live our best!

Don: When we do our intros at the start of each meeting, I often say my diagnosis is “marriage”. Well, that is always good for a laugh, but there is a lot of truth hiding in there. My entire adult life I have lived with not only my own problems, but those of my wife and son as well. I try to bring not only my own experiences to our meetings, but those of a husband and father coping with a family full of ups and downs. The past several years I have served as a board member, facilitator, and your webmaster.

Miriam: I have been a member of DBSA since 2009, and a board member and facilitator for about 7 years. DBSA has helped me live with my mental health issues, which is why I stepped up into a leadership position, to help others as DBSA helped me.

Becki: DBSA is one of the communities in which I am building my full and meaningful life. By being a board member, I would hope to help others on their journey to do the same. I will maintain a nonjudgemental open mind and exhibit kindness and compassion with my peers. I will strengthen my own values by fully participating with board member duties. We reap what we sow; accepting a leadership role in this group is a purposeful, positive seed I can sow.

Carolyn: I want to be on the board because I want to see this group continue its good work. I’m not sure what I will be able to provide, but I will be able to help in different projects that are important to everyone.

Steve:  My name is Steve Burkland and I am very interested in running for the DBSA board.
I have truly enjoyed my tenure on the board during this past most unusual year. As I have enjoyed sharing my life’s journey and my many experiences with others, I feel that I have also grown even more by listening to others life stories along the way. I look forward to the upcoming year and sharing with others as we take our journey together through yet another amazing year.

Renne: My name is Renee Louise Brinkman. I am running for the DBSA Omaha board because I regularly attend meetings and care about the future of the meetings. I bring with me the unique experience of being a transgender woman. I hope I can bring to the table my understanding of the ways mental health conditions intersect with the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQTA+ community. As a member of the board, I hope to work with my fellow members to make improvements and ensure that our support group meetings are safe and welcoming for ALL who wish to attend including the demographics I represent.

Kirk: My name is Kirk McCormick. I wish to run on the board for DBSA in 2021. Big believer in group therapy. I’ve been fortuneate to have met some wonderful people at DBSA throughout the years. I like hearing uplifting stories from others and new insights on how to deal with day to day life. These groups matter and help change lives.

What is involved: Our board meets for about an hour each month. This past year it has met on Zoom. We hope to go back to live meetings for the board soon. Being a board member is different from being a facilitator that leads meetings. While many board members are both, you can do one or the other. We NEED both!!!!! Currently we have unfilled seats on our board and rarely do we have more people interested than the 9 available seats.

New Meeting Cancellation Policy

These days, nothing is normal. Change is everywhere and we need to react to those changes. Our old meeting cancellation policy was “if OPS cancels school, we cancel our meeting”. Well, that simply does not work today. OPS no longer has snow days and honestly, we are equally likely to cancel for other reasons right now. While we will do everything we can to maintain our in person meetings, things that we have no control over could suddenly change.

We will announce any meeting cancellation for any reason both on our Facebook page and on the “upcoming events” section of this web page. Every effort will be made to make the call whether we are live or virtual by 5pm on the meeting day. Should we need to cancel the in person meeting, we will meet via zoom. Same time, same topic, almost the same meeting. The zoom meeting id will be https://zoom.us/j/4023910543

So, make it a habit to check the “upcoming events” page on this website before you leave to come to the meeting on Thursday night!!

On evenings that we meet live, there is no zoom meeting. On evenings we meet via zoom, there is no live meeting.

As always, coming to a meeting is your decision whether in person or on line. If you feel that leaving your home is dangerous in any way (too icy, to many covid cases….) please stay home. You should never risk your physical health to come to a meeting.

Nebraska Medicine to open adult psychiatric emergency center this fall

Nebraska Medicine will add to their psychiatric services this fall. A small ER dedicated to psychiatric problems will be opened up in the renovated space on the ground floor of the Clarkston Tower at 42nd and Dewey Ave.

The Omaha World Herald ran an article on this a few weeks back so if you are interested, here is the link.


New Hope Daily Checklist

As promised at Thursday’s on line meeting, here is the download link to the daily checklist we talked about. If you wish to keep track, this is a seven day checklist. Remember, you are only competing with yourself! Try each day to check just one more box than the day before.

Personal Growth in the time of Quarantine

The last several weeks have dramatically affected most of our personal schedules and activities. Many of us find that we have more time on our hands as we have fewer options of things to do. Simple things that we took for granted like going to the mall, a park, a movie, a play, or a sporting event are, at least temporarily, not options. Time has slowed as we shelter at home.

So, what are we supposed to be doing?

The last few meetings we have been talking about things we still can do. Household projects, learning something new, and having time for those people and things we love are all things we can fill the hours with.

As the weeks pass, we also need to evolve our attitudes and perception of what we are collectively experiencing. This week we talked about the above chart and moving from the fear zone to a more productive place. Much of this process is recognizing where we are personally and understanding that the place the pandemic has put us in is not good for our mental health.

By attempting to modify our actions, reactions, and behaviors, we can improve our mental state. This week, take a good look at this chart and try to move yourself a bit further from the fear zone and more into the growth and learning zone.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

So here we are. Day before our meeting. Our regular meeting place is closed. Everyone from the World Health Organization to the City of Omaha has encouraged gatherings to be less than 10 people. Clearly the message is to stay home and not interact.


The virus is only part of the story. Especially for us. Perhaps an even bigger issue is the fear it brings. Helping to cope with fear is our thing. We truly need our group to be functioning. Especially now.

But, at least for this week, it can’t be as normal. No place to meet and whether we should or not is at best, debatable.

So, here is the plan. At our normal meeting time of 7pm on Thursday, we will have virtual sharing hour. Something I think we all need. Here is how:

Prior to the meeting, download and install the Zoom app to your phone or go online and google Zoom.us.

At 7 pm Thursday evening open up the app or website and join our meeting with the meeting ID 402-391-0543. This is not a phone number, it is the ID of the meeting I am setting up. You can join with or without video, depending on your preference and if your house has been picked up in the last month. As with any online meeting, try to remember to mute yourself when you are not talking.

That’s it. Just that easy. Hopefully we will only need to resort to this virtual meeting for a week or two and then we will be back to normal.


See you Thursday night.


DBSA national offers new online support groups

In this time of uncertainty, we can all feel a bit frightened and alone. As more and more of our favorite events are called off and we are told to avoid social gatherings, perhaps the answer can be partially found in online group meetings. While our own group is committed to meeting as frequently as possible over the next few months, nobody knows for sure what the future holds. To supplement or substitute for our “in person” weekly meetings, DBSA national office offers a wide variety of times where you can get help. Just go to: https://www.dbsalliance.org/support/chapters-and-support-groups/online-support-groups/

There are groups listed that meet online every day of the week. Just sign up and log in!