Between a Rock and a Hard Place

So here we are. Day before our meeting. Our regular meeting place is closed. Everyone from the World Health Organization to the City of Omaha has encouraged gatherings to be less than 10 people. Clearly the message is to stay home and not interact.


The virus is only part of the story. Especially for us. Perhaps an even bigger issue is the fear it brings. Helping to cope with fear is our thing. We truly need our group to be functioning. Especially now.

But, at least for this week, it can’t be as normal. No place to meet and whether we should or not is at best, debatable.

So, here is the plan. At our normal meeting time of 7pm on Thursday, we will have virtual sharing hour. Something I think we all need. Here is how:

Prior to the meeting, download and install the Zoom app to your phone or go online and google

At 7 pm Thursday evening open up the app or website and join our meeting with the meeting ID 402-391-0543. This is not a phone number, it is the ID of the meeting I am setting up. You can join with or without video, depending on your preference and if your house has been picked up in the last month. As with any online meeting, try to remember to mute yourself when you are not talking.

That’s it. Just that easy. Hopefully we will only need to resort to this virtual meeting for a week or two and then we will be back to normal.


See you Thursday night.


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