Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, Part II – 9/30 Meeting

With a sizable crowd attending our most recent DBSA meeting, facilitator Miriam made a fascinating presentation entitled “ Things Mentally Strong People Don’t do, Part II “. 

During this evening’s presentation, she focused on things that we can and cannot control. What I found most fascinating was when Miriam spoke of our “ locus of control “.   We discovered a locus of control can be either internal or external.  It’s a belief about whether our actions are dependent on what we do, ( internal control) or on events outside of our personal control ( external control).  People seem to have either an internal or external control mindset, with a middle ground somewhere between the two being the desired place to reside. She advised it’s important to develop a balanced sense of control. 

Miriam advised to identify the things or problems we can control in our lives, and to let go of things we can’t control. If you do so, you’ll have more time for the things you can control. Also trying for complete control can lead to more anxiety. Sometimes giving up control can make you a stronger person. Learn to have more balanced thoughts, and begin practicing more acceptance. If you start to give up a little control, you may actually stop stressing out so much, and feel less stressed, which is a great feeling to have! 

Please join us next Thursday October 7th, when Miriam will be presenting “ Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, Part III” 

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