Things Mentally Strong People Don’t do, Part III – 10/7 meeting

Our most recent DBSA meeting got off to a strong start, with facilitator Miriam making an anticipated presentation entitled “ Things Mentally Strong People Don’t do, Part III” . During this evening’s edition of “ Things Mentally Strong People Don’t do”, Miriam focused on strategies we can use to help us to make desired changes and to meet our goals. 

She advised we should identify small steps we can take to meet our goals. She reminded us mentally strong people don’t expect immediate results, and also don’t give up after their first failure.  If you don’t see immediate results in meeting your goals, you may conclude it’s not working. However you must be patient, and not underestimate the time it will take to achieve your goal. 

Also try not to overestimate your abilities, and decide to commit to the long haul for the changes you desire.  Don’t place a time limit on changes you desire, or overestimate how much better things will be in your life with these desired changes. Recognize that progress may not always be recognizable in the very beginning. To succeed you should learn to pace yourself, and make sure to try and create realistic expectations for your goals.  Make sure you have a plan in place, pace yourself for the long haul and keep looking ahead to the end game! 

Please join us next Thursday October 14th, when we will have a craft night and we will be painting Halloween pumpkins! 

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