Workin’ For a Living – 1/20 meeting

On Thursday January 20th, our DBSA meeting began with Facilitator Miriam giving us a presentation on “ Workin for a Living “

Miriam began by going over the stressful parts of the working world, such as finding or getting that desired job, keeping your job, and possibly sometimes losing your job. 

Miriam was very helpful in reminding us of the basics of getting a new job, such as putting together a resume’, and to make sure if you already have a resume’, that it has been recently updated. You should also do some research on the company you are applying to, and go through the job description to make sure you understand the job you are applying for.  Rehearse the interview with a friend or family member, and try and put together some practice questions you can use during the interview. Before you head off to the interview, know the exact location of where the interview takes place, and also know the name of the person who will be interviewing you.

During your interview ask questions about the company, and truly show some interest in the job you’re applying for. And don’t forget to ask questions about benefits, including health insurance.   Some companies’ health insurance plans have mental health coverage, however not all do, or the coverage is sometimes limited.

If you find there are times when you need to schedule a mental health appointment every week, or maybe even every other week, sometimes scheduling that time off can be tricky at the workplace. However if you should have any difficulty scheduling that time off for an appointment, the ADA ( American with Disabilities Act) will allow this needed appointment with a Doctor’s note from your provider. The ADA covers employers with 15 or more employees, including state and local governments.  So be comforted that assistance is out there if needed.      

As always, Miriam gave us a fantastic and informative presentation. Tonight’s topic gave us valuable information to hold onto, should we be looking for a new job anytime soon.

Be sure to join us next Thursday January 27th at 7pm, when our topic will be;“ The Four Agreements” 

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