The Four Agreements – 1/27 meeting

On Thursday January 27th, our DBSA meeting began with facilitator Becki giving us a presentation on “ The Four Agreements”
This past Thursday, Becki gave us an informative and amazing presentation on a recent book she read titled “ The Four Agreements”  .The “ The Four Agreements” examines Toltec wisdom, and the Toltec belief that the outside dream, or the world we are experiencing now, is full of unpleasantness and fear. The Toltecs believed that the beauty and joy of the world can be our own personal dream, however sometimes the inability to see this truth is called “ mitote” , or when we can’t clearly see who we really are.The Toltecs believed every human has an “emotional body “ covered with wounds, and they believed that forgiveness is the way to heal these wounds.Toltecs believed that the most important agreements are the ones that we make with ourselves.  However there are “ Four Agreements “ in particular that Becki went over with us:
1) Be impeccable with your word…..You should use your energy towards saying only what you mean, and avoid using words to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.
2) Don’t take anything personally…..nothing others do is because of you, what others say or do is a result of their own perception. Taking nothing personally helps break sadness and suffering . 
3) Don’t make assumptions…..sometimes we are afraid to ask for clarification, and we may fear being ourselves around others. Ask questions, and communicate with others to avoid misunderstandings and or drama. 
4) Always do your best!…..if we do our best, we are enjoying life, and you learn to accept yourself. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, be mindful and learn to stay in the present moment!  
Be sure to join us next week, when facilitator Steve will be presenting the topic; “ Goal Setting for an Inspired 2022” 

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