Finding your “Why” – 2/17 meeting

As promised, here are the questions from my presentation. ( and a few more we did not get to because of time)

Now do your homework and start discovering your “Why”!

  1. What gets you excited or is so interesting you can’t stop thinking about?
  2. What do you do really well?
  3. What activities make “time fly” for you?  
  4. Is there a problem or challenge that emotionally moves you to take action?
  5. Where is it that you add the greatest value?
  6. How can I make the greatest impact with others?
  7. When others come to you for help, what do they ask for?
  8. If you could teach a class, what would you teach and to who?
  9. How do you measure success in life?
  10. What did you used to do, that you don’t do now, that brought joy to your life?
  11. What kind of work has given you a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment?
  12. If you were given the chance to do something that you love and not worry about the paycheck, what would it be?
  13. What aspect of your life have you enjoyed across all your experiences?
  14. What comes easily to you, but drives your curiosity to learn more?
  15. If you were told you only had two years to live and had a pile of money, what would you do?
  16. What do people thank you for?
  17. What do you want people to remember you for?

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