Goal Setting for an Inspired 2022 – 2/3 meeting

On Thursday February 3rd, facilitator Steve began our meeting by giving us a presentation on “ Goal Setting for an Inspired 2022 “

Steve began by going over three important areas for achieving goals for the new year. 

1) Goal setting..we need to determine why you might be willing to give your time and energy to a certain goal.

2) Follow through…how will you stay on track with what matters to you, and maintain your goals?

3) Action planning…what will you do to complete your goals?

Steve went on to advise that an acronym sometimes used for goal setting is


The S.M.A.R.T. acronym stands for:

A) Specific 

B) Measurable 

C) Attainable 

D) Realistic 

E) Time-bound 

In relation to the S.M.A.R.T. acronym, Steve gave an example. Imagine your goal is to make five new friends.

1) your goal is specific ( 5 friends)

2) measurable ( whether or not you meet this target)

3) attainable ( if you work hard at meeting new people)

4) realistic ( many people have at least five friends)

5) and time-bound ( to be achieved in the next 12 months)

Steve also mentioned a few other things to keep in mind when it comes to goal setting:

1) goals should be clear and well defined 

2) goals should be achievable, but make them challenging 

3) you should evaluate your goals often to stay on track 

4) take small, important steps 

5) try and reward yourself along the way

6) the why…write down your reasons for choosing a certain goal, which will help you understand the positive affect it may have.

Steve mentioned that you must learn what is most important to you by defining your priorities. He advised that we all have values that are an important part of who we are. And the reason it really matters for you to realize what is most important to you, is that many people might fill their time with things that are important, but aren’t really what they value most in life. If you determine what’s important to you, and what your priorities are, you’ll be able to set goals that will make what’s important a bigger part of your life.

Steve advised that an important thing he has learned in goal setting and in life is you don’t have to “ have it all together “ in order to meet your goals. You can make mistakes and have some unanswered questions, or even be confused about it. Just as long as you show up, you will make progress. 

And most importantly, you’ll need to have an action plan. He advised that even though it may feel unnecessary, it’s important to write down your goals. 

Keep your goals in a visible place, such as your refrigerator or on your nightstand. You will also need to have action steps, and try and condense it down to three or four steps. Add them to your calendar as a constant reminder to help you meet your goals. Also have a plan and review it often, and know the timeframe in which you want to achieve your goal. 

Also determine a daily or even weekly habit that may keep you on track with your goal. One idea, put your phone in airplane mode while working. One less distraction!

If you get off track in reaching your goals, just start again and keep going. Don’t waste energy on how far behind you might be. Adjust some deadlines if needed, and keep your goals in mind. You’ll find a way to get there!

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