Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, Part IV – 2/24

On Thursday February 24th facilitator Miriam began our meeting by giving us a presentation on “ Things Mentally Strong People Don’t do, Part IV“

Miriam began by reviewing some reminders of things mentally strong people don’t do from previous segments of her series; 

1) They don’t dwell on the past 

2) They don’t waste energy on things they can’t control 

3) They don’t fear change 

4)  They don’t give up after the first failure 

5)  They don’t isolate 

6)  They face their fears 

7)  They don’t fear alone time 

Miriam discussed how important forgiveness is, and how forgiveness is really giving up any hope for a better past. 

When you are dwelling on the past, sometimes you may be dwelling on the negative. Being stuck in the past can keep you from moving on in your life.  When you focus too much on what happened in the past, you may lose sight of your future. And don’t romanticize the past, as it can be bad for your mental and your physical health. 

Miriam went on to mention that her Father will sometimes remind her and say be sure you “ engage your brain, before engaging your mouth “ In other words, we need to remember that instead of dwelling on emotions, we should dwell on facts! 

Miriam reminded us that making peace with the past is a sign of strength. Making peace with the past will make you stronger. When reflecting on the past, dwell on it just long enough so you can learn from it. 

Working on the now really is more beneficial! 

Please join us next week, when on Thursday March 3rd, Amber will be presenting her topic on “ Humor “ 

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