Overcoming Failure – 3/10 meeting

On Thursday March 10th, Don made a presentation entitled “ Overcoming Failure “

Don began by sharing a personal story with our group, a story of failure.

What Don has learned is that failure can rear its ugly head at any time. So, what do you do when you fail?

1) For the first 24 hours, just accept how you feel. Remember to eat, and get your rest. You can actually grieve over your failure. Let it hurt for awhile and process the hurt. Your job is to feel the feels, and get through the first night.

2) You are not a failure, you had a failure. A rejection may become a feeling that all people are rejecting you. You may have failed, but you are more than your failure. Start an argument with those negative voices in your head.

3) Processing the situation is essential, and the past is what we evaluate and learn from. Think about what part of your failure you can control, as you are not responsible for it all. When you have the answers you are looking for, forgive yourself and don’t look back.

4) Remind yourself anyone who wants to do anything of value will fail.

5) Let it out into the light, don’t keep it bottled up inside. Talking with others releases that inner pressure. Share your story, as it can help others.

6) Make an action plan.  It’s where you start, if you don’t make a plan and start down the path, you may have a fear of failure. The important thing is that you start!

7) Realize while today is painful, tomorrow does not have to be. Tomorrow is about hard work and faith. Work to make changes where you have failed, so you don’t fall again. Just keep going and keep trying and failing in new ways.

When you fail, just walk on! 

As always, a great presentation to reflect on from Don.  Please join us next Thursday March 17th, when Carolyn will be presenting the topic” Decluttering at the Speed of Life” 

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