Voting now open for DBSA Board

Update: Voting for 2022 Board is now closed

There you will see information on each candidate and you will have the opportunity to vote for up to nine candidates. Voting will remain open until the end of the month at which point, the candidates with the top nine vote totals will be elected to serve on our board for the next 12 months.

A quick note on the election:

  1. You may not know Todd and Deb. They are our long running Secretary and Treasurer and really represent a lot of institutional knowledge about the group. Even though you may not be familiar with them, I highly recommend that they get your vote. The group runs smoothly because of them!
  2. A couple of names you might have expected to be on the ballot are not. Becki has decided to step down from the board to give more time to her very effective roles as our outreach coordinator, facilitator, and presenter. Don has decided to step down from the board to give more time to his roles as our webmaster, presentation coordinator, facilitator, and presenter.

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