Fear – 4/19 meeting

Amber talked about fear, what are its origins, what are the symptoms and how do we move it out of our bodies.

She started with the song, Love is a Liar
Then she read some passages about fear from the book, It Didn’t Start with Me by Mark Wolynn and My Friend fear by Meera Lee Patel. They talked about fear that comes from ancestry and is born from our childhood experiences.

Meera Lee Patel in her book analyzed her fear – she looked at how it feels, it looks, it sounds like and then arrived at her conclusion that her fear was about potential rejection from society because of her appearance.

So the group talked about their fears, did some analysis of what it looked like, and felt like and where it lived in their bodies. Then entered into a very lively conversation with a partner about it.

Amber walked the group through some breathing techniques and a hugging exercise to dissipate fear by reconnecting with the Inner Child.

Several people were introspectively connecting with themselves on a deeper level and were very happy to learn this new tool. 

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