Vala’s – 10/5

Our biggest Friendship project event so far will be at Vala’s pumpkin patch on Wednesday 10/5!

This event is only for those that signed up at our meetings over the last month.

Here is how it works….

  1. Go to Vala’s at 12102 S 180th St, Gretna. You can go anytime on Wednesday. They are open 9am to 9pm. Our campfire event will be 5pm to 9pm but your free ticket is good for all day!
  2. Go to ticket window 4 or 5. Tell them you are with the DBSA group and give them your name. They will look you up on our list, and welcome you to Vala’s.
  3. Feel free to wander. Here is a link to a map. We are at campfire site 25A for our event.
  4. To get to campfire site 25A from the front entrance, turn right. This is what you will see.

Go down the hill. The path will curve left.

Head for the American Flag.

At the flag, go strait towards the red roofed building.

Go around the left side of the red roofed building.

Just a bit down the path, site 25A is on your left.

Some of us will be hanging out there during the entire event but what you really need to know is we are breaking out the s’mores at 7:30!

Have fun and see you Wednesday!!!!!

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