Trusting your Intuition – 10/6 meeting

Last Thursday we were treated to Steve’s most recent presentation, entitled “Trusting your Intuition  “

Steve began by sharing ideas as to what intuition actually is. Some people may call it a hunch, or a gut feeling, or maybe even refer to it as your instinct. 

Some think that trusting your intuition can be the best choice in some situations. 

He shared with us a few signs of gut feelings: 

– you may have tension in your body 

– “ butterflies in your stomach “

– a sinking sensation in your stomach 

– sweaty palms or feet

– memories of a certain person or situation 

– a feeling of peace after making a hard decision 

You may look at intuition as being based on your awareness of a certain situation. Intuition can also be an awareness or wisdom about something that you just can’t explain.

There are a few signs where your intuition is on target:

1) when you have a worry or concern that you are dealing with, don’t be surprised if you start having vivid dreams. This could be a sign that your subconscious is working through different scenarios looking for a solution.

2) Nagging thoughts…..if your mind keeps on playing the same situation over and over again in your head, don’t ignore it. This could be your intuition trying to tell you something. These thoughts may be related to any areas of your life, so allow time to stop and reflect on this.

3) you’re able to pick up on the energy of others; if you’re able to notice someone else’s energy, and it feels like a positive or negative vibe to you, then that could be your intuition stepping in.

4) you feel like you know about things before they happen. Have you ever felt like you knew what someone was going to say, even before they say it? That could be your genuine understanding of people, and could also be your intuition at play.

5) at the right place at the right time…if you’re feeling this way, then you are probably listening to your intuitive inner voice guiding you in the right direction. Stick with your gut feeling rather than listening to your more logical voice.

6) How do you feel when you’re thinking of someone, and all of a sudden either they call or text you? Or you may accidentally run into that person. This could easily be your intuition at work again, and you sensed this would happen.

Gut feelings ( intuition) vs. Anxiety 

Steve also shared with us the difference between intuition vs. anxiety. 

Gut feelings…usually will lead you more clearly. Gut feelings will usually come up in specific situations or about certain people in your life.

Anxiety…..usually will focus on the future and will be less clear. And you might find yourself worrying about things that you usually can’t control.

Gut feelings…normally will pass once you’ve made that decision and you will feel more calm about it.

Anxiety…..lingers and may make you feel like you’re on constant alert. You may resolve one concern, and then immediately start worrying about something else.

Steve also shared that there are important decisions and times when you really should trust your intuition.

1) when something feels wrong with your body…if you have a gut feeling about your body, that something is off or not quite right, listen to it. Maybe go get a physical exam to be sure. Physical symptoms can also happen when you’re around someone who physically drains your energy. Or maybe you’re in a certain situation that drains your energy. That would be a time not to ignore your intuition. If you stay in a situation that drains your energy, it may end up just causing more anxiety or depression. It may be time to end that relationship. 

2) you feel that you are in danger…remember that your gut instincts will reveal what your subconscious may already know.  If you meet someone new, and you initially don’t trust them, even if it turns out to be wrong, it might be worth listening to your intuition.

3) “ this is it” . When you run across that special someone, or even when making that important decision, like buying a house. If your intuition tells you that you have found someone or something that is right for you, that usually makes the decision pretty easy. This is probably one time where you should really use your “ gut instinct “.

This was a really fascinating topic shared by Steve, giving us so much to think about! 

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