The Fire – 12/1 meeting

Last Thursday was Don’s most recent presentation entitled “ The Fire” 

At tonight’s presentation, Don began by turning out the lights in the room, and lighting a small candle in the middle of the room.

The fire…always burning. Many of us have a fire. It might be booze, pills, or maybe even a person or a place.  ( it doesn’t have to be a real place) This fire is always with us. 

Don shared that many of us have escaped the fire once, or maybe several times. And usually at the worst time, the fire tries to take control. We know our fire is always there calling us.  Our fires can end us.

How do we fight this fire? The stronger you build your boundaries, the more resilient you will be. To find this strength we need comes with time and practice. And remember, we don’t need to face the fire to build inner strength.

Don went on explaining that we do not need the strength to defeat our fires, just enough strength to summon help at that very dark moment, the moment where the seductive voice of the fire is calling to us.

So, how do we summon the strength needed to face the fire?

By trying different mental exercises.  The exercises help us develop mental focus, the type we need to see through the flames and to call out for help.

For example:

1) pick a day to be positive, no matter what you face that day 

2) take a day off from the internet 

3) have a day of complete mindfulness 

4) for a day, question your actions. Are they what’s best for you?

5) for a whole day, delay your responses

Think about the others in your life. List them out and the reasons why they are so important in your life.  Envision what their lives would be like without you in it.

Start training your brain to fight the fire. 

The most important take away from the meeting is to have a someone. A someone to turn to, to call out to, that understands what is at stake at that moment. A someone to help summon professionals, and to sit with you until they arrive.

Don stressed that if you do not have a someone, open up to a friend or a family member, knowing that the consequences of opening up could be nothing compared to the consequences of not opening up.

Don then led a special second hour session where members could discuss their experiences with their fires. 

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