Coping with Change – 12/15 meeting

Last Thursday Haley shared with us her most recent presentation, entitled 

“ Coping with Change” 

At tonight’s presentation, Haley began by reminding us that life is full of changes, some good and some bad. Haley shared that a couple of years ago she had met someone special, and she had started to share her life with them. They eventually decided to move in together, and started sharing their life together. Even though she felt very happy, Haley one day started to notice things were feeling a little off. It was at that time Haley’s boyfriend shared that he was never planning on getting married or having children. Of course, this was not what Haley had in mind for her future. I would say that this was a major change for Haley’s life. 

So, how can we adapt when we have major change like this that comes into our lives?

Ways to cope with change;

1) Plan ahead….starting a new job? If you have landed a new job, you could try job shadowing for that job you are thinking of starting. And make sure you have a back up plan. If for some reason that new job prospect falls through, have your back-up plan written down. 

It’s important to remember: You don’t have to be on top of everything! 

2) Re-frame your thinking….remember don’t let your negative thinking get in your way. Write down the Pro’s and Con’s of a decision you are dealing with. 

Take your time and reflect, and be mindful and present in the moment.

If necessary, vent to someone if you don’t like a particular situation.

Strive to make and keep a routine in your life, such as;

– make a list of your priorities 

-create comfort in your life. This will help you create a routine. 

– make a list ( maybe even add it to your phone) of all the things in your life you are grateful for. 

And remember to try and clearly evaluate the change, as changes can happen fast. But you can be resilient and handle these changes! 

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