Beating Isolation – 1/5 meeting

Last Thursday Don shared with us his  most recent presentation, entitled 

“ Beating Isolation “ 

At tonight’s presentation, Don reminded us that the month of January makes us want to stay in bed. Everywhere you look the world is isolating. However we all know that isolation is our enemy. And isolation as a lifestyle is unhealthy. Anxiety and depression sometimes come along with isolation. 

Anxiety lies to us. 

What helps bring us back to reality? When we interact with friends, with humans, that helps to bring us back. Depression can cause isolation, and can make us feel fatigued. Loss of interest is a sign of depression. Feelings of shame and of guilt for being a burden are sometimes reasons for isolation. 

Sometimes we don’t want to expose our imperfect self, and believe being alone may feel better. 

How do we stop isolation? 

1) Acknowledge there is a problem.  

2) Identify why you are isolating. Make a list of what you want done today.

You may begin to get a sense of achievement and momentum. If necessary, ask for help and reach out to friends and family. Be honest with yourself.

It is essential to surround yourself with others. Don shared that at one time after he had months of isolation, he joined several groups. This kept him busy and gave him the momentum he needed. Try to join a class or a club. Even check your local library for information. 

3)  Try volunteering for a cause. Working with those who have less can increase your sense of gratitude. 

4) Keep busy, schedule times for new activities when you’re more likely to do it.

5) Do the things you used to love doing . Maybe it’ll work again.

6) Participate…try attending our Friendship Project gatherings. This is a part of our DBSA group where we schedule afternoon game nights, go on a picnic, or maybe attending a local ball game. These are different activities that are scheduled outside of group time. It’s a great way to get to know the others in our group better. 

Remember when you are depressed, sometimes the door can be our enemy.

So try and make an effort to get out more, and participate in the world! 

If you are lonely and depressed, making a new friend can make all the difference. 

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