Dealing With Difficult People – 1/19 meeting

Last Thursday Miriam shared with us her most recent presentation entitled “ Dealing with Difficult People “.

Miriam began by sharing that there are different kinds of difficult people. There are different personality types out there. Some people don’t pay attention to what you’re saying. Some are lacking empathy, and are full of criticism. With these types of people, no one will meet their expectations. They may insult you and leave you out of their conversations. 

     Most people will avoid difficult people. Many difficult people can be toxic, bossy and gossipy and may second guess everything they do. It’s important to be sure we don’t let these types of people affect our mental health. Sometimes if you’re already stressed out, these types of people may bother you. Try to remember that sometimes these may be a conflict within this person that doesn’t relate to you. 

So, what do we to do deal with them?

—-stay calm, if you get mad they may use that against you. Take a deep breath and regroup. 

—accept what we can and can’t control. We can control our reaction, but not their reaction.

There are ways to diffuse the situation:

—listen to them. Use kindness.

— Be compassionate. You don’t know what another is going through.

—find something in common 

—-show people respect 

—honor both of your needs, share your side of the story. Find a way to do this with respect.

—if someone is truly being difficult, make an excuse and tell them you need to go to the restroom. 

—try not to interact with them alone. If you must meet a difficult person, meet somewhere out in public. 

Miriam also shared with us the different types of difficult people:

1) Passive…doesn’t offer any ideas. They expect you to take care of the situation.

2) Griper…would rather complain than find a solution 

3) No person..shoots down every idea, anytime you ask them for their input.

4) The matter what you say, they have an answer that they feel is better than yours.

5) The dictator…these types are into controlling everything. These may be the most difficult people.  These people can be bullies. Empathize and try and find a common ground with these types of people.

6) The yes person…this is someone who agrees and supports everything that is said without criticism. 

     Miriam left us with one final thought. Remember, don’t let conflict influence your situation! 

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