Which Path? – 1/26 meeting

Last Thursday Carolyn shared with us her most recent presentation entitled “ Which Path? “ 

Carolyn began by sharing her beautiful rendition of “ Lean on Me”, a moving song that most of us are familiar with from the early 70’s.

She began with the question, is there a right or wrong path? 

If you keep following the same path day after day, nothing will change and the path may become muddy. 

So, how many paths are there?

There are many different types of paths:

-career path, family path, relaxation, addiction, lonely, relationship, spiritual, nature, inspirational, musical, or it may be a path of fame.

In life, we all want to be interesting. We can begin to do this by participating in life. We can try different paths that will enable us to engage in conversation.

You may find some paths you take to be rocky, but they are learning paths for us. 

We all feel pain at times in our lives. Carolyn shared that pain showed up for her at the time her kids went off to school.  It was at this time she became so busy in her life she didn’t think about pain anymore. She had lived under strain for three years before she got the help she needed. 

When it comes to choosing a new path, don’t be afraid if the path you choose doesn’t work out. You can always try a different path. You will know deep down if you are taking the right path for your life. 

In life, so many choices may be hard. And every so often, so many don’t know where they are going. Sometimes you might be the person who is truly holding you back!

Just remember to give your feelings time, and you will learn which paths are the right ones for you to take. We always have options, and sometimes finishing a hard path may actually rejuvenate you! 

And one thing to remember, sometimes important lessons are learned from going down the wrong path. Just stay the course, until you find the right paths for you. 

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