Region 6’s Role in Mental Health Care in our Community – 3/2 meeting

This past Thursday, Jen from Region six shared her presentation with us on Region 6’s role on the community.  Jen shared that Region six is responsible for planning, developing and funding of behavioral health services in Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Washington and Sarpy counties in Nebraska. Funding for Region six is received from both Federal and State dollars. 

Jen shared that her number one priority is stigma reduction when it comes to mental health. 

She also shared that one of her main focuses is getting to know others who have mental health challenges and to be a representative of the consumer voice. Jen shared that she is using her mental health challenges to help others, rather than it being a hindrance. 

     Region six provides peer support specialist training, as well as partnering with Methodist College. Jen also shared that Region six has a Military center through Bellevue University, which provides assistance with housing, and teaching independent living skills. Region six also provides webinars which include speakers from Nebraska that are in recovery and are currently going through their own mental health journey. She shared they are always looking for folks to share their stories on these webinars. 

     They also are involved in CIT ( crisis intervention training) for therapists and others to handle emergency mental health calls. 

Region Six also works with you on your Wellness recovery, with action planning, and developing good coping skills. They assist you in giving you a voice in your own care. These wellness classes are given free of charge. 

     They also have a Living Well program, which is a virtual program that is designed to assist with chronic conditions, problem solving, and is dedicated to you finding your best self. This virtual program meets on the 2nd and 4th Friday’s of the month. Jen also shared that Region six has a consumer advisory board that helps plan these mental health services in the community.

   When asked what she is most proud of?  She shared her network of team members for their passion and dedication. I was so impressed with Jen and her knowledge of mental health services in the community. I am truly grateful for her and we are lucky to have her assistance when needed on our mental health journey. 

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