Acknowledging your Accomplishments – 3/9 meeting

This past Thursday, Carolyn shared with us her most recent presentation entitled “ Acknowledging your Accomplishments “ 

     Carolyn began our first hour by sharing with us her beautiful rendition of the popular song “ You Needed Me” .  She shared that she was hoping the group would be willing to share some of their personal stories, in particular things we are most proud of in our lives. Soon a lively discussion took place within the room, and people began to share.  Carolyn shared with us that at one time a few years back, she used to teach roller skating at a local skating rink. Being an instructor gave her more confidence when helping others.

     She also cleaned homes for twenty years, and began to have a really good clientele. This again helped her gain even more confidence. At one point in her life, she even drove a racing car around a local speedway!

     Another member shared that most people in his family didn’t really believe in going to see doctor’s. He has a brother that was having some serious medical issues with his sight, and had refused to go see a doctor. This member offered to pay for his brother’s appointment if he would just go see a doctor. This is something he was very proud of doing for his brother! 

     Another member shared that she started attending our DBSA group about eleven or twelve years ago. That first night she was afraid to even come into the meeting, and had trouble making it in the building from the parking lot.  Fast forward twelve years later and she still attends our group on a regular basis. This is something this member is very proud of! 

     And one more story of a different member who now does volunteering for a local non-profit. This organization helps people who are having trouble making ends meet. They may be having trouble paying their rent, utilities or maybe even can’t afford to buy food. He helps assist these clients with paying their bills from the monies that have been donated to this organization.

Something he is very proud of as well.

     All of these stories that were shared tonight have one important thing in common. These are achievements they should all be very proud of! 

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